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Energy Consulting and Optimisation

Energy consulting - What is it?

A service with consulting information and analysis of your production, storage, transport, supply, operation and usage, conversion, recycling and saving of energy, taking into consideration as many economical and ecological aspects as possible.

Energy consulting - Where is it used and what are its benefits?

Before modernising, redeveloping or constructing a new building:
  • You have a qualified, reliable and independent partner.
  • Existing construction damages are identified and do not remain undetected.
  • Modernisation and redevelopment measures are customised so they both meet your individual requirements and suit the building, and also are economically and energetically sensible.

Energy consulting - When and how often?

Always when:
  • renovations or redevelopments are planned.
  • an older building is to be modernised.
  • a new construction is planned, so that the most economical and energetically sensible technology is incorporated into the new building.
  • Consulting cycle:
    It is best to repeat consultations every 10 years so that technical, ecological and economical innovations can be integrated.

Energy consulting - What is determined?

  • An on-site inventory of the condition of the building envelope (All technical details of the building as well as technical building facilities are surveyed.)
  • Existing weak spots and construction faults are revealed.
  • Energy consumption as well as individual usages, e.g. electricity, gas, water, heating and district heating, are examined and tested for savings or optimisation potentials.
  • Energy delivery contracts are inspected and assessed for possible savings or also errors.

Energy consulting - What's in it for you?

Depending on the agreed scope, you receive:
  • a summary of all ascertained data and values in a consulting report which is prepared and documented so that it is easy to understand for laymen and can be referred to for decision-making.
  • a total evaluation of the building.
  • an energy performance statement for the building.
  • an energy pass drawn up according to EU guidelines (in Germany according to EnEV, energy-saving regulations).
  • suggestions for redeveloping, modernising, new constructions or modifications, taking all economically, energetically, ecologically and economically sensible aspects into consideration.

Standards, specifications, regulations and legislation!

The provided consulting services are continuously updated and adjusted according to changes to standards, specifications, regulations and legislation.
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