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Maintenance management - What is it and what are its benefits?

Maintenance management means to achieve the optimum for all characteristics, control and execution of maintenance.

Production facilities must run - this is the only way they can generate money.

Machinery downtime and interruptions cost money - a lot of money.

Maintenance management helps:

  • avoid or minimise interruptions and downtimes.
  • optimise costs and applications for maintenance, stocking of spare parts and operational equipment as well as personnel resources.
  • achieve a significant increase of equipment and machinery availability.
  • produce the required transparency for costs and technology.
  • to drive an intelligent maintenance that always does the right thing at the right time.
  • obviate finding and eliminating faults.

Maintenance management - Who with and who to ask?

  • We offer manufacturer-independent maintenance management (software) for your requirements and demands.
  • Maintenance management (software) is available at near to every price range.
  • Maintenance management (software) for small trade and small companies, for medium-sized businesses and major industrial enterprises we offer visalFM maintenance management (software) in close cooperation with Loy & Hutz.

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Contact us! Together we can develop a concept that will meet all your maintenance demands and requirements and determine, manufacturer independent, the maintenance management software package that accurately fulfils your maintenance tasks and requirements.

Project Management

We offer project management for the new construction, modification, extension and modernisation of equipment.
  • We provide you with advice and together determine your requirement while taking innovative and sensible technology, cost-effectiveness, environmental safety, reliability and quality into consideration.
  • We request offers on your behalf, initiate the necessary approval procedures, undertake visits to the administrative bodies and authorities for you, etc.
  • Together we choose the appropriate provider.
  • We negotiate prices and organise scheduling on your behalf.
  • Throughout the entire implementation, we will support and monitor that completion is on schedule and the first start-up is flawless.

Project Consultation

We offer project consultation for the new construction, modification, extension and modernisation of equipment even while our offer to you is still under consideration.
  • We support you with your decision-making regarding product, technology, provider and implementation.
  • We compare offers you have requested to ensure their contents are accurate and comparable in relation to your tender and specifications.
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